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Membership Plans
Details & Features Intro
(Rs. 1000/Yr)
(Rs. 2000/Yr)
(Rs. 3000/Yr)
(Rs. 4000/Yr)
Introduction & Complete Contact Details 40 words 40 words 40 words 40 words
Business Details
(Introduction, Profile, Product & Services)
200 words 400 words 1000 words
Photographs 1 2 6 20
Detail Updations
(To update business & contact details)
2 2 6 12
Contact Form (Query Box)
(To easily get the enquiries from customers)
SMS Reminders for Queries
(To stay update for every query through SMS)
Email & Website Link
(To connect visitor directly to you & your website)
Its like a sub-website. Example:
Share on Facebook Link!
You & your page-visitors can share your page on Facebook.
Logo Display on Every Page through Scroll
(Linked to Your WebPage)
Additional profile on Google Blogspot.
(To promote your business on internet through different sites.)
Facebook Promotion
Video Ad
(To attract customers through Video)
Picture Gallery
(To attract customers through pictures)
Live Chatting
(Live Chatting with Your Webpage Visitors)
Banner in Main Picture Gallery
(For Brand Promotion.Visible from almost every page of website.)
Catalogue/Broucher/Form Link for Downloading
(To Provide the Details till Your Clients/Users)
Upto 1 MB.

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